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John Savage – Quarterly Spirit of Excellence, Henderson

John Savage – Quarterly Spirit of Excellence, Henderson

John Savage, Technician, Environmental Services, has been a Methodist Health employee since February 2, 2015. His previous positions have included Floor Care Specialist, In-House Project Specialist and Hazardous Materials Specialist.

A majority of his duties involve taking care of medical waste, or as he puts it: “picking up trash.” As a biohazard collector, he visits pharmaceutical areas throughout the Hospital — ER, OB, and other medical units to collect the trash and put it in proper containers for disposal.

“I enjoy every bit of my job,” Savage said. “When something needs to be done, I will get it done. I’ll be there to do what ever is needed, and if we are short-handed, just let me know ahead of time and I’ll be there to fill in. I’ve got my responsibilities and I’m ready to take care of business.”

He continued, “I do what I can to make the patients and fellow employees happy. If they’re happy, I’m happy.” He says of his coworkers: “They are all wonderful and I love them all. They’re like family to me.’

Savage is a lifelong resident of Henderson. His parents are deceased but he has six sisters, one brother and a grown daughter.

Comments by his nominator:

“John noticed the someone was in an area that they should not be in. He was concerned for me and walked me to my vehicle. He went into protective mode and not only took care of me as an employee but treated the person in the wrong area with respect.”

“He comes into our area several times a day and always offers to help anyone he encounters. He does extra duties he isn’t responsible for to make others’ lives easier and lighten their loads but never slacks on his own.”

“John is definitely one of our ‘family’ and I am proud to work with him. I want him to be recognized for all the efforts he puts in. They do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

“John is extremely friendly and has a huge smile for everyone. If he is asked to complete a task, you can be sure it will be completed and will be done correctly.”

The Spirit of Excellence Award recognizes employees within the scope of our organization who have demonstrated superb customer service, positive performance, involvement, respect, initiative and team member. If you received excellent care and/or service from a Methodist Hospital employee, nominate them for the Spirit of Excellence Award. Nominations can be submitted online here.