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SUCCESS STORY: Stephanie and Michael Owen

When Stephanie and Michael Owen of Henderson were expecting their first child, they were excited but also became anxious when a second ultrasound showed their unborn baby had a single umbilical artery. That elevated Stephanie’s pregnancy to the high- risk category, since the lack of a second artery can affect the baby’s growth and development in the womb.

“Dr. William O’Nan is my obstetrician,” Stephanie said, “and we know he delivers at Methodist Health.”

“Since my pregnancy was high-risk, I had to go into the Hospital weekly for monitoring and I got to know the nurses. I found them all to be so caring and compassionate. They made me feel very welcome and secure.”

“We toured the Labor/Delivery area and Nurseries prior to the birth, too, to become more familiar with the facilities and we quickly became confident about delivering there.”

When Natalie came into the world nearly two years ago on October 4, 2016, she was “healthy as can be,” said Stephanie. “She didn’t have to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and we were released to go home in two days.”

Stephanie, 25, who had formerly worked at H&H Music, became a stay-at-home mother since having Natalie. When she and Michael, 29, a software developer for IWT Health in Henderson, found out they would soon be expanding their family again, they knew they would once more deliver at Methodist Health.

Their son, Lucas, was born on July 6. “He was healthy from the start; no complications and no need for monitoring,” she said. “However, while I went into labor naturally with Natalie, I had to be induced for this birth. We were sent to the Hospital knowing that, and found the nurses to be very informative and extremely caring through the whole process. We knew with Dr. O’Nan as my physician and the nursing team supporting him that we were in good hands.

“After having two very positive birthing experiences, we have since wholeheartedly recommended Methodist Health to friends.”

Photo Caption:
Michael and Stephanie Owen of Henderson pose with their children, Natalie and Lucas, who were both born at Methodist Health.